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Paul Campbell, Sheffield, Alabama USA

Monica and Rob
..... what a wonderful slice of heaven you have :-)

I just cannot remember having a more enjoyable and relaxing vacation than the one I experienced with you two. Surrounded by hills and mountains, clean and fresh air and in the middle of more lavender than I have ever seen in my life. A great starting point for many adventures in a new (for me) and most interesting region of France.

Hitting the markets, seeing beautiful natural scenery, visiting awe-inspiring architecture where things that are relatively new are older than the founding of my country!

Then there were the 2 of you, our wonderfully attentive yet non-intrusive hosts. Y'all really are the best. Whether it be a suggestion for a site to see or a bit of wine to finish the day you were there to take care of us.

I would so like to return one day to continue the adventure.

Best wishes and continued success.

Jacob and Jennifer,

The location was perfect!

Nestled amidst rolling fields of lavender at the foot of Mont Ventoux, it's just close enough to Sault that you can easily access restaurants and groceries, but secluded enough to feel you've gotten away from it all!

The apartment was beautifully renovated and well decorated. Monika and Rob did a great job of keeping the rustic farmhouse vibe while creating a cozy holiday house with all the modern conveniences. The kitchen was very well equipped and the bathroom and bedroom well laid out - the shower was awesome!!

Our favorite part was eating breakfast and dinner out on the patio - what a view!! And reading our books out on the lounge chairs was an exceptional bonus.

Rob and Monika are excellent hosts - We will definitely have to come stay again!

Tom den Ouden and Kasia Tyrakowski,

The location is beautifully situated, has a great view and calm surroundings.

Monika and Rob are very hospital and friendly hosts.

Marie & David Pye, Accrington, Lancashire

Friendship & fond memories.

Thank you Monika & Rob.

We will be thinking of you and hope
to be back as soon as we can.

Best wishes,

Marie and David

Valentina & Massimo, Bologna - Italia

Un luogo magico per gli amanti della natura, gestito in modo impeccabile da Monika e Rob. Speriamo di ritornarci presto!

A magical place for lovers of nature, perfectly managed by Monika and Rob. We hope to return soon!

Un lieu magique pour les amoureux de la nature, parfaitement gérée par Monika et Rob. Nous espérons de revenir à bientôt!

Valentina & Massimo

Tom Milford,

Thank you for such a very happy stay at Lou Viei Pous. It was wonderful to be welcomed at your home in the evening after the bitter cold on the Mt. Ventoux.

With kindest regards,

Tom Milford

Nancy Sheffield, Paris

What a beautiful place to stay! We ate breakfast while overlooking the lavender fields and smelling all the lavender - it was so beautiful! Rob and Monika are perfect hosts and made us feel SO comfortable. When we left, we felt like we were leaving good friends. Thank you Rob and Monika; and we hope we can see you again!

David and Nancy